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Protect your Invesment with Pressure Washing 

The exterior of our homes and offices are constantly exposed to the elements, such as sun, wind, rain, and dirt. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causes oxidation, which creates a chalky residue on exposed siding. Man-made pollution also contributes to this grime. This build up causes buildings to appear old, dull, unclean and also degrades the paint.

Pressure washing will remove the grime and residue from the paint, restoring paint back to the original color. Maintaining clean siding is an important and economical measure that will increase the longevity of the paint’s life and keep your home or office looking beautiful.

Pressure washing will make a tremendous difference in the appearance of driveways and sidewalks. Often made of concrete or asphalt, these surfaces are very porous and absorb stains easily. A professional pressure washing job can remove or greatly lessen these stains.

Also, before painting the exterior of your home or business, pressure washing is essential. This step is necessary to clean all surfaces so new paint adheres correctly and to prevent old mildew from coming through the new paint. All reputable painting contractors will include pressure washing as a part of all exterior painting projects.

We look forward to providing you this service, prolonging the quality of your home or work place.

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Siding Pressure Washing

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