Interior painting

Why should you consider repainting your home or office? There are plenty of reasons.

*Updating and adding color can increase the real estate value, and can help with resale.

*Painting will help promote healthy indoor air quality. Using low and zero-VOC paints can reduce odors and fumes.

* Painting will hide permanent marks that have proven difficult to remove.

*Painting will protect interior surfaces. Coatings will help high use areas hold up under normal wear and tear and will also give some protection against water damage.

* Higher sheen paints will give your walls a surface that is easier to keep clean.

  * Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to give your home a   makeover. Different choices of color can make a room feel bigger, cozy, calming or vibrant.

 * Interior painting includes doors, mill work, cabinets and garage floors. Adding a fresh color to these areas is much more cost effective than replacing them. Painting or staining trim will add durability against cleaning agents, heavy traffic, children and pets