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Exterior Painting

Painting the outside of your home or office will enhance its curb appeal and increase the value. The paint also protects exterior surfaces from weather and rot. Over time, a combination of sunlight, moisture and exposure to the elements causes paint breakdown and possibly peel away from the exterior and become unsightly, and leaves your siding unprotected.

Exterior painting includes siding, brick, decks, porches, patios, doors,fences and out buildings.

Painting is also a very cost effective way to give your home or business a high value "make over."

What does an exterior paint job entail? First, the area is prepped. These steps are the most time consuming, but also the most important. Prep work includes pressure washing and scraping of any old loose paint. Once the building is dry and outdoor temperatures are appropriate, the professional painting team will caulk all windows, trim, siding and any water penetrations. The painters then mask off areas that are prone to over spray, such as windows, gutters and landscaping. The home or office is then ready for painting, which is done with a paint sprayer, roller and brush.

Our staff are trained to prep and paint houses as described above, and pay close attention to detail to make sure the best technique and most appropriate product are used each time.

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